Harry Harris所著玫瑰的热刺年代传记里面关于泰迪和玫瑰的料(总汇)


这些分成几段在小粉红的玫瑰CP楼4号楼里面贴过,现在汇报完毕做个合帖给传说中的黄金锋线搭档,只搭档过一个赛季却拥有blind understanding的玫瑰和泰迪。

Klinsmann: The dramatic story of Jürgen Klinsmann's first season at Tottenham Hotspur
By Harry Harris
Headline Book Publishing 1995

It was certainly a shock to Spurs players. Ardiles took striker Teddy Sheringham to one side to tell him before he heard it else where. 
Sheringham was to recall later: 'I think I said: "You are signing f***ing who?" Ossie wanted me to know before I read it in the papers. I don't think I have been more surprised in my life. The first reaction of the other players was like mine. Disbelief." 

Friday, 5 August
Klinsmann trained with his new teammates for the first time and scored a goal in a practice game. Ardiles expects an instant rapport between Klinsmann and Teddy Sheringham.'Although both are excellent goal scorers they are a different style of player and I believe they will complement each other well. I expect big things from them.' 

【第一次作为热刺球员露面(不是正式比赛),两人互相试探性地说了下好话2333】P51, P53
Klinsmann said afterwards: "...I have been training for only one day, so there is a lot of work for me to do. But already I can sense that it will be fun working with a guy like Teddy Sheringham...." 
"A very nice man," observed Teddy Sheringham. "...He's willing to work for the rest of the team and that will do for me. Obviously he's very conscious of his reputation, but he says he plays it as he sees it. It's a great signing, really, I can't think of anyone else who could have got all these people into this ground today." 

Saturday, 20 August
Sheffield Wednesday 3, Spurs 4
His arrival should prove richly rewarding for Teddy Sheringham. Klinsmann works the line. He is not afraid to go in where it hurts and has always been blessed with the ability to link ell with other players, so Spurs are certain to benefit from his unselfish style. And he will also pick up goals himself with his sharp, instinctive predatory skill. 
With such an intelligent finisher as Sheringham alongside him, Klinsmann will make as many goals as he scores. And he'll do it by his running, his awareness of space, and his ability to receive the ball and play it swiftly and accurately to supporting players. He has always been able to fit in with other forward players. Rudi Voeller, his partner in the German national side, has always paid tribute to the unselfish work of Klinsmann; how he takes defenders away with distracting and damaging decoy runs. 

And what did Teddy Sheringham think of his new colleague? 
"He got high above Walker and Des is no slouch. I am sure he will be good for me. Sure, I like the spotlight, but I don't mind someone else getting it if that bloke is good. In training Klinsmann and Dumitrescu do things that stop the rest of us in our tracks. A few weeks ago there was gloom and doom around Tottenham: not any more. It is the place to be." 
(在这里我要强调一下,在玫瑰来之前,泰迪算是热刺的No.1,而玫瑰一来就风头无双Klinsmania压过了他,所以其实当时他们两个中只要有一个不会做人,事情就会很僵。但幸好玫瑰在队里相当低调完全不摆架子,泰迪也不端着,所以两边就有了一个好的开始。教练是这么形容初来乍到的玫瑰的:He might be a super superstar, but as soon as he arrived at the club he put everyone at ease. He might be a world-class player, but he knows how to interact with everyone. He can take a joke, give a joke: he's instantly become a key man in the dressing room.) 

Wednesday, 24 August
Spurs 2, Everton 1
Skipper Teddy Sheringham stepped forward but in recognition of Klinsmann's stature seemed to ask him if he wanted to take the kick. Politely, Klinsmann declined, leaving it to Sheringham. Unfortunately, he lofted the penalty over the bar. 
The only talking point tonight, apart from the obvious, Klinsmann's wonderful home debut—was the decision to hand the penalty-taking responsibility to Sheringham, rather than Klinsmann. Sheringham explained: 'I didn't know if Jürgen wanted it because he didn't ask. Although I thought about offering it to him, I didn't because I felt there was plenty of time for him to get his hat-trick. If it had been alter in the game, then of course I would have given him the ball.'

Ardiles confirmed that Sheringham is the first-choice penalty taker and that he will remain so. Klinsmann, of course, had no objection. 'I took the penalties for Monaco and they also wanted me to take them for Germany. For me it's no problem who takes them for Spurs.' 

Klinsmann joined in the celebration with some of the players at a London nightspot later on. His striker partner Teddy Sheringham said:  'We've all been surprised at how quickly both Jürgen and Illie Dumitrescu have fitted in with us off the field as well as on. It could have been a situation of them and us and they might have been stand-offish: two World Cup layers coming in, they could have just come here and said "England is crap, we are here and we're gonna turn it on for you." But it has been nothing like that. Jürgen worked his balls off, he ran himself into the ground for us and even had cramps towards the end. You've got to give him credit for that. He's workmanlike, has great qualities and he also comes out drinking with the lads.

【对着曼联,泰迪罚点球没进 :(】p79
Saturday, 27 August
Spurs 0, Manchester United 1
So for once Jürgen Klinsmann did not dominate the headlines after the match—that honour belonged to Peter Schmeichel. Klinsmann drove away from the White Hart Lane at 6.15 pm with two friends to discuss the disappointment of his failure to score in such a high profile match. The game itself had failed to live up to its billing, and perhaps the biggest disappointment was the penalty miss by Teddy Sheringham. 

Sunday, 28 August
The miss yesterday, Sheringham's second in succession, raised the question of whether Klinsmann will become the new penalty-taker. However, Ossie Ardiles had a private word with Sheringham and opted to give him another chance—his final one. 

【前任队长Gary Mabbutt出来表态说自从有了克林西这个好影响,现任队长泰迪的技术越来越好了】p89-90
Monday, 5 September
Sheringham has taken over the captaincy from the former England defender and  Tottenham club captain Gary Mabbutt, who believes that Klinsmann can make Sheri into a world-class striker for England. 'Jürgen has grabbed all the headlines since he arrived but Teddy has been a revelation this season. They complement each other and Jürgen's success is as much due to the back-up for Teddy as his own outstanding ability.You could see the improvement in Teddy from the moment Jürgen arrived at Tottenham. Teddy is certainly playing the best I have ever seen him and that comes from confidence.' 

Saturday, 10 September
Spurs 1, Southhampton 2
Klinsmann's reputation goes before him. He's not used to defenders kick him up and down. In Italy and Germany he knew if he was touched the referee would back him. But that's not always going to happen here, and he'll have to used to it. 
But Klinsmann's irate teammates rallied to his defense. Captain Teddy Sheringham said: 'I play with him and I train with him. His attitude is first class and he is aware of what people have said about him. But in the games in which I have been involved with him I have never seen him cheat in any way. In fact, throughout his start with us, Jürgen has gone out of his way to stay on his feet rather than go down after being fouled. He's trying to to prove that he's not a diver, but perhaps there have been times when he should have gone down. I haven't seen anything that would suggest he does anything underhand. I believe he suffers because of his reputation. He's aware that everyone is watching him more closely than anyone else. It looks as though it is going to have to be something beyond any doubt for him to be given anything....' 

Wednesday, 21 September
Watford 3, Spurs 6
The respect for Klinsmann among his teammates just seem to multiply. He is acclaimed as the megastar without an ego to match. His ten-goal start shot down any lingering suspicions that he had come to England for one last big payday. Although he can boast a World Cup-winner's medal and a lavish lifestyle, he has impressed his teammates with his no-airs-and-graces approach. 
Sheringham revealed the player's feelings: 'It would've been easy for him to have come over here, just picked up his money and not tried a leg--but he hasn't. He's wanted to make a success of his time in England and he's wanted to win. He hasn't acted like the big star, he's just one of the boys and everyone's taken to him. Everyone's got respect for him after the way he's come from abroad and played the way he has.  He came here with a determination to succeed, and that's what he's done. He's grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and promised himself he was going to make it big here. When people ask me to talk about him I can only use two words—world class. You see him playing in the World Cups and appearing on the TV and he looks a great player, and you think you know him and you think you know what he can do, but he's even better than I thought he was.  He plays with such confidence and his enthusiasm is just incredible. He is truly one of the game's greats. You've only got to see what he does in training—it's impossible not to learn from him. I think all that players who've played with him, or come into contact with him, will have been better off for the experience. Everything about him is just tremendous. His work-rate, his positioning, his finishing, the way he brings other people into the game. The beauty of it is you are learning from him all the time. It is nothing specific, more a consciousness about who he goes about his work. He's not just a goalscorer, he's aware of what goes on around him, and it's great to be partner to someone with that. It's probably in games more than anywhere else that you realize how much he can do. His enthusiasm is unbelievable.' 

【Gary Mabbutt爆料说玫瑰虽然很忙但还是和泰迪有私交会一起出去玩】p131
Thursday, 8 October
Mabbutt added: "Jürgen has also been out socially with Ian Walker and Teddy Sheringham. ... We don't go out in groups as such, but usually two or three players will go out with partners. We'd all like to socialize more often, but not only do we have a busy schedule but Jürgen is also away on international duty quite often." 

【后面这一段超级虐。热刺状态不好,教练Ossie Ardiles被下课了……唉,为了贯彻自己彻底进攻的足球理念一个场子上有五个前锋的Ossie……然后就各种兵荒马乱了一阵……等Sugar找到了新的教练Gerry Francis而玫瑰从国际比赛那边回到英国,已经快11月下旬了。你们是谁告诉我玫瑰在伦敦那一年好开心呀好开心的!放学后别走!】 

Satruday, 19 November
Spurs 3, Aston Villa 4
Francis is adamant that Sheringham can forge a dynamic partnership with Klinsmann... 
Francis singled out Sheringham for praise and intends working on tactical plans for making better use of him. 'Teddy had an excellent game," he said. "He's developing a marvelous partnership with Jürgen Klinsmann and I wouldn't want to break that up. We must get the ball forward more quickly to them. In the second half we did that, but it is something we can improve on. Jürgen battled and had his bits and pieces, while Teddy won a lot of the ball. Jürgen can feed off Teddy." 

【在玫瑰的配合下泰迪终于找回了状态,上演了帽子戏法(玫瑰的话说是"three marvelous goals"),两方教练继续说这对搭档好棒呀好棒。这个时候传泰迪要被卖了传得很凶,而泰迪明确表态一点都不想走,所以玫瑰和泰迪的搭档成功对于让泰迪留下来很有用。】p197, p199
Saturday, 3 December
Spurs 4, Newcastle United 2
As Gerry Francis celebrated his first win as Spurs boss, Kevin Keegan paid tribute to Klinsmann's match-winning qualities alongside hat-trick hero Sheringham. Keegan conceded: "Sheringham and Klinsmann were the difference. They were much sharper up front while we were a bit toothless." 

Sheringham walked off with the match ball today, and Francis has no intention of selling him. He wants to retain the partnership with Klinsmann. "In my four games, Jürgen has got two, including a penalty, and Teddy four goals. All good players can play together, but sometimes even the players at that high level can find a bit of guidance useful. We are creating plenty of chances and the players of quality like Jürgen and Teddy are bound to score plenty of goals. It could easily have been Jürgen who scored a hat-trick today. They are two great players in and around the penalty area: Jürgen has that extra pace and sharpness, while Teddy is a tremendous finish and his second goal was sheer class.They can both hold up the ball, but what I'm trying to do is to get it to them a bit earlier." 

Saturday, 10 December
Spurs 3, Sheffield Wednesday 1
Klinsmann's strike partner Sheringham said: "Jürgen gave me a great tribute after I had scored the hat-trick against Newcastle, saying that I am a better finisher than him. But I think he went out and proved something with this goal—it was just unbelievable.Although it was a great pass from David Howell, it was also quite a hopeful ball. I don't think anybody was expecting such a goal from that situation, thinking he would maybe take the ball on and get a bit wider. The shot he unleashed was world class, you can't say any more than that really. 
(....然后他继续say more...>_>) 
"As a striker, you can never stop learning ... especially when you are playing alongside a world-class player like Jürgen. Even though he has been there, seen it and done it, he still wants to do more, and as a result you can't help but learn from him. In turn, he also knows he can still add to his game, he is still learning about playing the English way and he loves goals. You can see that with the way he celebrates! That is the sign of a true goalscorer, he just wants to keep scoring all the time."




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